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HYZUO 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Compatible with 2020 2019 2018 MacBook Air 13 A2179 A1932/ MacBook Pro 13 2016-2020/ iPad Pro 12.9 2018 2020/ Dell XPS 13/ Surface Pro X 7 6 5 4 3, Dark Gray 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,086 Make offer - MacBook Pro 13 and Air 13 Sleeve, Snugg . If the machine is in a case where venting heat is a challenge, your MacBook may overheat and be damaged. JKD: How does the new MacBook Pro Sleeve work as a strand alone case? Derfor har vi samlet et unikt udvalg af sleeves til MacBook Pro 13 og Macbook Pro 15. When we didn't have a fully padded interior as part of our Messenger Bag, it was the best solution. Slick Case offer various designs, include Floral, Marble and Galaxy. Many of them I didn't particular like the answers to.Â. As for the closure, dragging your Apple laptop over zipper teeth a few times a day will eventually scratch the temperamental finish. While a sleeve can be a bit flexible in size and most have a bit of wiggle room that will accommodate MacBooks with cases, you should always make sure to check the dimensions of the product you want before you buy. It was the most protective solution from every aspect, for what is was. SKU: 6425806. Vi ønsker at forkæle din MacBook Pro på en elegant og stilren måde. They went the way of cheap, a product that damaged your laptop, trapped heat, oh and did I mention, cheap? Cheaper is not better. We had the window, the vent, the velcro, the expensive nylon, embroidery and the layers of padding along with the perimeter bumper pipping that made them so well at protecting everyone's Apple laptops. We removed all the details to make it as light and efficient as possible. All Rights Reserved. It is truly the traveler’s friend. Nomad has models of its leather sleeve for both the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the 16-inch MacBook Pro. This is the first redesign of the nylon version of the Sleeve since the MacCase first launched their iconic Powerbook sleeve back in the early 2000s.Â. I'm shocked that we were not knocked off at some point. Our non neoprene, non zippered solution was better and still is. We were able to reduce the weight as well. The purchase a very special, non-commodified laptop and then their brain shifts to finding the most commodified way to "protect" it: a $5 slip case on amazon or eBay. Better is better. Tijdelijk uitverkocht. Then we had a period where there was a bit of a mismatch. Gone are the days of bulky, heavy, somewhat cumbersome Apple portables. The latest in a series of interviews about the story behind the design of MacCase products. After all, they are buying the most expensive phones, tablets and laptops out there. With this item, you can convert it into a cross-body sling for easy transport wherever you go. Do you currently use a sleeve with your MacBook Pro? Apple users used to happily pay for quality design and most still will. Skipping on protecting it is foolish. View our collection today! Made for everyday use, this high-quality laptop sleeve features a high-density shell that offers a firm layer of protection for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. For those who want a cheap yet highly efficient sleeve for their MacBook Pro, ProCase would be a better pick. MacBook Pro 13" felt sleeve case wallet WITH STRAP, PERFECT FIT, 5 great colours. Macbook Pro sleeve. If you aren’t rough on your laptops, you may be more comfortable with a thinner or more stylistic sleeve. Minimalist sleeve custom-fit for MacBook. Vergelijk Bekijk vergelijking Voor 23.59 uur besteld, morgen gratis bezorgd . Laptop Sleeve - Bees Laptop Bag, MacBook Pro 13 Sleeve, Air 13 Sleeve, 15 inch Laptop Bag, Animal Pattern, Insect, Sony, Lenovo, HP + More harperandblake. A sleeve isn’t the only way you can protect your MacBook Pro from damage. Customers care about protection, but they don't want a bank vault in their backpack. At MacCase, we designed our Sleeve to be superior. For all 13"-16" Pro and Air models.Â, If you're looking for proven protection for your Apple laptop and light weight, ease of use are important to you and you want to spend around $40 for a quality piece, than this might be the best MacBook Pro Sleeve for you.Â, Many creative professionals choose this Sleeve because it delivers the performance they demand while working in the field. Case Logic Reflect 13' MacBook Pro/Air Sleeve Blauw. 4.5 / 5 sterren 118 reviews Stof | Blauw | Geen extra vakken 29,99. It provides light protection without adding bulk, and can even include extra features that make your life simpler like accessory storage. This is, of course, a matter of personal preference for the most part. You should definitely get a MacBook Pro sleeve if you frequently commute with your laptop. You may be tempted to tote your MacBook Pro around without any protective covering to show off Apple’s flagship laptop. The MacBook Pro 16″ sleeve sports a slim design but without giving up on defense factor. The best way to look at a laptop sleeve is like insurance. Most are extremely slim, so they don’t create bulk or weigh down your bag. They were better for all the Chinese companies who were turning them out by the tens of thousands trying to find them a home.Â, For the new design, we choose a material that was just as waterproof as neoprene but doesn't trap heat like neoprene does. JKD: Was there a reason the old design has such a long product lifecycle? Lighter and thinner is what is happening to the hardware. I wanted it to look like it was supposed to come with the Messenger. Sometimes the market buys what's jammed down their throats, not what's better.Â, Those neoprene slip cases were super cheap and easy to make, that's why they were everywhere. They weren't better for the customer or better at protecting their hardware. I love our original sleeve. MS: The first thing we addressed was the orientation. Available in two textiles: Whool (top) and Forza (bottom) Whool textile is … It is made of nylon material and features thick padding for extra resistance against impact. This item is also available in five different sizes (from 11-inch to 15.6-inch) to fit your MacBook. How can we offer the best value to all our nylon customers through this new design? For example, some items include pockets while others boast protective foam or smooth leather. Our older slip covers looked like they belonged with our bags. Model: 3204523. Our new design offers this sort of quality protection. It fits new models released from 2016 to 2020 including the new M1 Macs. This is why our original PowerBook Sleeve and the new Mac Sleeve has neither.Â, Neoprene traps heat, which is why they make wetsuits out of it. ProCase MacBook Air 13 Inch A2179 A1932/MacBook Pro 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve 2016-2020, Felt Sleeve Case Cover for MacBook Air 13/ Pro 13/iPad Pro 12.9 with an Extra Accessory Organizer –Black 4.5 out of 5 stars 443 MOSISO Neoprene Water Repellent Sleeve for 12-Inch MacBook Only, Thule Gauntlet 3.0 13″ MacBook Pro Retina Sleeve, MOSISO Neoprene Water Repellent Sleeve for 12-Inch MacBook Only. Lacdo Laptop Sleeve Case for MacBook Pro, 3. Welden Slim Sleeve for 16” MacBook Pro and 15” MacBook Pro - Next Gallery Image Welden Slim Sleeve for 16” MacBook Pro and 15” MacBook Pro $99.95 In addition to providing a stylistic touch, a sleeve will protect your Mac from taking too much daily wear and tear. Gratis retourneren . The Best Sleeve for MacBook Pro: Our Picks for 2020, 1. While a sleeve shouldn’t be your only method of protecting your laptop, it can provide a fair bit of support against scratches, jostle, and minor drops. Many laptops are large investments for their owners. Available in several colors and additional sizes to fit every MacBook. They are only impractical for those of you who are already using a bulky case since most products won’t fit around the large protective models. This one from Mosiso is water repellent to keep your Mac safe and has a classic foam lining for protection against bumps and scratches. A MacBook sleeve is the perfect solution. But you should consider what materials and features you’re looking for in a sleeve before making any purchases. It's very easy to get your Apple laptop out of the case if you want to leave the sleeve in the bag and just take out the laptop. 1 sold. The top of the line Apple laptop literally contains your working life. MS: The main goals were to address the direction the market is going and to let the form we're trying to protect dictate the design. Availability: In stock and shipping• Orders recieved by 2pm PST ship same day• All others ship next business day• $5.05 flat rate U.S. ground shipping, Placed in a larger case or bag, our MacBook Pro Sleeves provides proven protection in a feature rich design. At the same time, they provide protection by creating a layer between your laptop and the rest of the world while it travels. Strong elastic band closure. Sleeves are also practical for those who want to store their laptop short term (for example, at night) but do not want to risk scratches, dust, or other elements. … But what is good for surfers and divers is bad for computer processors. I wanted a MacBook Air 13" Sleeve that was going to dovetail perfectly with our Messenger.Â. MacBook Pro Sleeve - Behind the Design. Pros: Convertible style gives you a choice of transport while remaining relatively slim. But in reality, it’s a bit impractical to do so. Most of the them understand that protecting these things is an investment due to the high resale value.Â, Some Apple users don't make that connection. A laptop sleeve is relatively inexpensive for the protection they provide. Sleeves are also practical for those who want to store their laptop short term (for example, at night) but do not want to risk scratches, dust, or other elements. Herschel Supply Co. has the perfect sleeves and cases for your MacBook, laptop and iPad. Do you travel light? POFOKO Ultrabook Laptop Sleeve Case Bag Cover Apple Macbook Pro Air 11 12 13 15" (function() { var js = window.document.createElement("script"); js.src = '//'; js.type = "text/javascript"; document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(js); })(); If you're looking for proven protection for yourÂ, mportant to you and you want to spend around $40 for a quality piece, than this might be the best. We've done things with new foams that keep the laptop protected and the new pipping is a lot more protective than the older design. Every iPhone case that has a cutout in the rear panel so you can see the Apple logo owes a big thank you to our original sleeve design. Free Shipping and 24/7 Customer Service in … I guess our design was too expensive or just too difficult to make compared to the neoprene stuff that was out at the time. New Clearance Textured Hardshell in NanoSuede for 13-inch MacBook Pro - Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) MacBook Pro 13" $79.95 New Clearance Classic Universal Sleeve for 13-inch Laptop MacBook 12" & MacBook Air 13" & MacBook Pro 13" & MacBook Pro 13" Retina & New MacBook Air 13" (M1/Retina 2020) & New MacBook Pro 13" (M1/USB-C 2020) $39.95 New Clearance ICON Sleeve with Woolenex for MacBook Pro … They are only impractical for those of you who are already using a bulky case since most products won’t fit around the large protective models. In addition to providing a stylistic touch, a sleeve will protect your Mac from taking too much daily wear and tear. Make Offer - Inateck Laptop Sleeve for 13 Inch MacBook Pro, 13.3'' MacBook Air, iPad Pro 12.9 *NEW* Tomtoc Sleeve Case 13' Blue-Black laptop tablet Inner MacBook Pro A13-C02D $10.00 They are very complementary.Â. Cons: Although generally durable, this product won’t help your Mac stand up to drops. With the soft leather texture, it offers improved grip. They are, however, not intended to be ranked in the current order. The notebook sleeve is a pretty lightweight and sports thin profile. JKD: There was a lot of design content in that old design... MS: Yes. This video may also give you some insights on how to properly carry around your MacBook Pro with the lid open. This changes your priorities very quickly when you expand the user window to include a whole different category or users. If you have the newest MacBook in the smallest size, you need a sleeve that will fit it properly — don’t settle for one made for the older 13″ models! So much so in fact, they're used by the U.S. Secret Service. Pros: Slim design adds very little bulk to your Mac and even comes with an additionally padded storage pouch. Our design looked and worked like no other. The uncommon clamshell design is useful for protecting your MacBook Pro even when you use it. From shop harperandblake. However, if you’re accident prone, you may feel more comfortable considering models with more of a frame and support system to them. Sleeve For MacBook Pro. Why the dramatic change? New Clearance Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro 13"- Thunderbolt (USB-C)-Dots MacBook Pro 13" $49.95 New Clearance Textured Hardshell in Woolenex for MacBook Pro 16" MacBook Pro 16" $69.95 New Clearance Hardshell Case for 13-inch MacBook Pro - Dots 2020 New MacBook Pro 13" (M1/USB-C 2020) $49.95 New Clearance Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro 16" Dots MacBook Pro 16" $49.95 … These types covers are cheap to make and that's why the market is flooded with them. It would have hurt us to design a 13" cover that was say, "over designed" for the needs of the user of our 13" Messenger. Free worldwide shipping over 80 USD The best laptop sleeve is one that meets or exceeds your individual needs. Things to take into account when looking for one are: is the sleeve generic or custom designed to your laptop, the level of protection provided, the materials, who manufactures it and what kind of closure is used. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Part of that superior protection was the vertical orientation, putting the opening along the short axis so the weakest part of the design, the opening, was as small as possible. Buying a good quality, protective laptop sleeve will help insure your laptop stays safe and protected. MS: That we needed to put just as much thought and consideration into the person that buys our Messenger as we do to the person who will be buying the new Sleeve.Â. MOCA Sleeve Bag Pouch Carry case for New Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch a1989 a1706 a1708 New MacBook Air 13 inch with Retina Display A1932, 12.3” Surface Pro 6 5 4 Ultrabook Bag Sleeve … It features felt exterior that not only provides comfortable hold but also reliable protection from impact. This writer offers a few tips on how he carries his MacBook and keeps it safe despite biking regularly. Younger buyer have been trained to buy on discount not on value.Â, When it came time to do a 16-inch MacBook Pro Sleeve, we had to ask a lot of hard questions. If you are designing a standalone cover, this is the best solution. I wanted a 15" Sleeve design that felt more organic. Water repellent material keeps your Mac safe from coffee spills. We couldn’t try every size of every sleeve, or every sleeve with every computer model, but we did test each sleeve with a 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro. We changed the orientation from vertical to horizontal. TOWOOZ 13.3 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Compatible with 2016-2020 MacBook Air / MacBook Pro 13-13.3 inch / iPad Pro 12.9 / Dell XPS 13/ Surface Pro X , PU Leather Bag (13-13.3, Dark Green) 4.6 out of … After all, it’s no fun to think you’ve purchased an item for your 13″ Mac only to find you’ve actually ordered the 15″ version. For example, a combination of any of the following will help prevent any tragedies from befalling your Mac: If you ride a bike or walk to work, you know the commute can be rough. Also available in MacBook 11',12',13',15. 性と実用的な機能性を兼ね備えています。マグネット開閉式なので、あなたのMacBookの出し入れは簡単。毎日の必携アイテムはさらに取り出しやすいポケットに収納できます。 Inateck 13-13.3 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Compatible with MacBook Pro 13 Inch 2012-2020 9.1 8.6 9.2 4: HYZUO 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Compatible with 2020 2019 2018 MacBook Air 8.9 However, thin form-fitting or decorative cases will fit inside most sleeves. It also offers some nice features on its literal … Meet the minimalist Dash Sleeve for MacBook. Please note that the following recommended items are chosen based on our criteria as mentioned above, plus our personal preferences. Når du scroller igennem vores udvalg af laptop sleeves, vil du opdage at de alle sammen har et unikt touch, som man ikke ser andre steder. If you're looking for a lightweight Sleeve with minimal bulk to put inside a briefcase, backpack or larger bag, this one will do the job.Â. Everything is sleeker and much lighter in weight. Less mass to protect allows us to create a Sleeve that is much less bulky, much sleeker. Whether you're traveling around the block or around the world, this sleeve delivers.Â. What was important 10 or even 5 years ago is not anymore. (391) Price Match Guarantee. Incase Sling Sleeve Deluxe 13-inch (or City Brief 15-inch), 4. Functionality with modern design. It was around so long because it worked so well. And with the minimalist stitching, it looks primed to make a nice match with your pro outing. MS: Because we are selling a lot more Messenger Bags than we are MacBook Sleeves. Take a look at this discussion for more. MacBook Pro 13 and Air 13 Sleeve, Snugg . User rating, 4.6 out of 5 stars with 391 reviews. Neem je MacBook Pro Retina of MacBook Air zonder zorgen overal mee naartoe, maar dan wel in een hoes die beschermt tegen krassen en stoten. The case seems like a departure from your original design. MS: When you are trying to carrying around a machine like the 16 inch MacBook Pro, you need to be even more aware and buy a quality case. It’s also padded to keep your MacBook as safe as possible at all times. Functionally and visually it's a perfect match for the new flagship Apple laptop.Â, The market has changed so much. Our nylon sleeve is inexpensive compared to our leather models but it does what it was designed to do.Â, You need something of quality if you plan on moving it through the world on a regular basis.

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