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Mello Foods USA Inc. Montreal Smoked Meat Mello Foods, Manufacturers of Fine Smoked Meats and Delicatessen Products Quality, Consistency, Cooperation and Service are the cornerstones of Mello Foods’ corporate philosophy. Wish there was a way to post pictures. So 8oz would be 2 cups? The rub recipe is a bit generous. . Enjoy! Not sure if I should cut back the salt next time or pink salt. Ever since that trip, I’ve been craving Montreal Smoked meat. Paquet sous vide de 1.5 à 3.5 Kg. I’d love to hear how it goes for you. I smoked it for 8 hours on kamado at 225 with maple wood chunks. Vous pouvez nous contacter par courriel à l’adresse suivante : ou au 514-392-2746 et un employé du Service à la clientèle se fera un plaisir de discuter avec vous. Can you recommend a large brining bag for next time? The 15 lb one I’m a little less certain about. This is not the crap they serve outside of Montreal and call smoked meat. Seems like a long time. I’m making a 15 and 12 pound at the same time. The recipe doesn’t say anything about wet and I’ve added a note saying not to do a wet brine based on this. A big steamer. It was excellent! I live an hour east of Toronto. NOTE: Your sous vide water will turn brown during this cooking process. I soaked for 3 hours with 6 water changes but the salt content is high Now that I purchased a propane burner for steaming, I can make fresh fries for poutine 🙂. Other than that, this was one of the most ambitious cooking projects this home cook has ever done and I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out. Shocked cold in ice water for 10 minutes while the vortex was getting ready. Maybe go with a small piece to start to see how it works the first time. Steaming tonight. I have never tried skipping the overnight rest period. Just slow. Cracked is traditional. Your email address will not be published. Well, I just finished your recipe, however I scaled it down to a 5 lb double-cut brisket (a single hunk of the flat and point). My first thought was steam on stovetop but you mentioned it’s smelly and my wife will not appreciate the house smelling like a the inside of my smoker😝. By weight. It would just fall off on in a pile. I use a giant pot that came with a turkey fryer. He says my smoked meat is as good or better than anything they are serving in Montreal today. In recent years when visiting Montreal I started eating at Smoked Meat Petes in Dorion (of all places!). Vacuum-pack smoked ribs. Bookmarked and will definitely do again. You could scale back the size of brisket some. Love oak in my stick burner as well! Hi, Aaron here…I have a 14lbs brisket water soaking as we speak. They may ship it to you. A couple of weeks ago I made my own from this recipe. You may need to separate the brisket into the flat and the point to fit it onto the smoker. Les avis sont affichés dans tous les classements chronologiquement. So, I have been on a quest to reproduce this luscious Canadian masterpiece. Is there any issue with cutting the brisket in a couple of pieces for the steaming phase in order to get it to fit in an available pot/pan? You will have to adjust the steaming time I expect so be careful. I’ve always been told it doesn’t matter but I do it fat cap up anyway. As an ex-montrealer, this intrigued me, so I decided to give it a shot. Any butcher that works with a meat packer should be able get them so long as they have some advanced notice. I was able to find me some Prague Powder #1 and kept it’s amount to the suggested amount on its packaging, which was in-line with the recipe here, and in my case it was 1 tsp per 5 lb. I cut with an electric carving knife and wasn’t able to get the slices as thin as I would like to. Merci beaucoup et bonne journée. Serve a mix of the flat and the point in each sandwich. That would be a good deal for them. Third time so far. I use a pellet grill and it worked great. Cela fera en sorte que le reste du gras va fondre dans le sac et gardera les saveurs. View Recipe > Somewhere in between. Any thoughts. I’m sure there are other people interested! I never wrap anything. L'instant Deli Et Pates: Viande fumée (smoke meat ) sous vide comme chez l'épicier du quartier - consultez 17 avis de voyageurs, 5 photos, les meilleures offres et comparez les prix pour Montréal, Canada sur Tripadvisor. I have a 20 lb packer that I’m ready to cure. Overdone or underdone it’s dry. I ended up pouring it in the bag while it rested overnight. Where do you get your curing salts? This recipe uses pink salt or prague powder number 1. Sous Vide Barbecue Pulled Pork Shoulder [Photograph: J. Kenji López-Alt] ... Montreal Smoked Meat [Photograph: Joshua Bousel] Montreal’s answer to pastrami, this smoked meat requires a five-day dry cure in the fridge to allow the salt and nitrites to work their magic. Given my ‘amateur status’ as a smoker, I thought I would totally screw this up. Informations complémentaires . Is this OK or do I have to steam that portion as well? A l'achat d'un muffin, on compte les confitures et beurres d'arachides sur le bout des doigts pour ne pas en donner un de plus... Bonjour Claudette G, merci pour votre appréciation et votre commentaire, ne prenons le tout en considération et votre commentaire sera transmis au Service de la Restauration. plus, “Viande fumée (smoke meat ) sous vide comme chez l'épicier du quartier”. I have unzipped the ziploc bag to allow some air flow in the fridge. I used an electric turkey frier to steam. Wrap it up. Bonjour 71Philippe43, nous sommes désolés pour votre expérience négative lors de votre visite parmi nous à notre point se service l'Instant. Montreal smoked meat poutine. Schwartz's Deli is a Montreal institution; therefore, the Montreal Smoked Meat is an important Canadian food. You’ll find this really good. I’m in Ottawa as well, just FYI I was able to get a whole brisket for $13.99 /kg, or $6.36 /lb over at , great place ! Make room in your fridge. Trimmed, it’s down to just over 17. I don’t think it would make a huge difference in the cure except trying to handle a 20 lb packer might be tough. Thanks. I did one on the stove in a large roasting pan, the other using my old BBQ single burner, both worked equally well. Will steaming on the side burner on my gas BBQ be ok even though it’s cold outside? I'll do this one again, very nice. Maybe 8 hours in a 275 F oven followed by the steam. Seasoned with Tatonka Dust. Never tried it that way. To give the meat a chance to rest. Can you go from the smoker to the steamer? Cook brined ribs in water at 149 °F / 65 °C for 48 hours. Fat cap up or down, when smoking? Thanks. Really hard. As for steaming,once again reach the 195 degree when it is ready to remove? Buying another brisket this week and this is my new go to. If the point is a whole lot thicker then it might be a good idea to split them so you can pull the flat before the point to even out the smoking phase. Just finished our first sandwiches and will use some for poutine later this week. But it’s hard to nail. I grew up having Montreal smoked meat as an annual treat by our relatives who lived there. I also recommend steaming the rye bread before building the sandwiches. And thanks again for this recipe. The next day I will remove it from the bag, leave as much moisture on the meat as possible, add a little more season to the meat, and then smoke it back up to the Internal temperature it was sous vide to the day earlier. Set and forget. When you do this, do it right. Steam it right after smoking it. Took about 4 hours or to steam. It’s not ground pepper – it’s cracked pepper. Sometimes it’s not. Thanks for your recipe. Le smoked meat montréalais est servi chaud et coupé à la main pour maintenir sa forme, car avec une trancheuse à viande la viande tendre se désintègre. Thanks for pointing this out. Just tried this. Is it still safe to eat? A lot. En espérant vous revoir et vous servir bientôt nous vous souhaitons une belle journée. I’m super curious to hear what you figure out. I vac sealed for the curing as well. Made this and it is delicious however part of my brisket the cure did not go all the way through and I have a small grey strip about the width of a pencil. Avant publication, chaque avis passe par notre système de suivi automatisé afin de contrôler s’il correspond à nos critères de publication. What do you think? Hello, I reduced the amount to suit the weight. The next day I sliced the balance of the point on the electric slicer and vacuum sealed sandwich portions for another time. This is a true Canadian masterpiece. And my absolute favourite sandwich is the Montreal smoked meat sandwich. It will smell like Montreal smoked meat. 140 41 Joined Apr 30, 2018. Situé au 5 étage du Casino de Montréal ce restaurant n’est pas à la hauteur de l’immeuble qui l’abrite La trilogie de pattes est décevante en terme de qualité de pattes et son prix de 18$ TTC est trop cher.....Trop de quantité et il faudrait mieux travailler la qualité et proposer du fromage en plus ....on est en formule self service avec un plateau et des couverts en plastique ! When the meat is done with the sous vide bath, I will chill in an ice bath, and let it chill overnight in the fridge. Thanks for the recipe. I had someone make this with a 19 pound packer and they had that problem. Meat turned out excellent. But it’s so worth it. I encourage all who are considering making this to follow your recipe. As a rule I don’t guess on glebekitchen. There are two mixes here. Hi Romain, thanks so much for this recipe. • Pointe de poitrine de bœuf fumée entièrement cuite • Emballé sous vide pour une plus grande fraîcheur • Emballé avec précision à un poids de 500 grammes (4 sachets) Previous Next. As a displaced Montrealer now living in California I’m taking a shot at making my own. Sounds like you are on track for some tasty sandwiches today. – I let it get well into the stall on the smoker to get as good a crust as I could Is this common? Once you hit 195F and probe tender pull the brisket and let it cool to around 160-170F. Vous pouvez nous contacter par courriel à l’adresse suivante : et un suivi sera fait dans le dossier. I love the sammiches from Montreal. Extra awesome you made your own rye bread. Also, I found I had quite a bit of the rub leftover after coating the brisket. Pastrami is made here, but I find it lacking in flavour and texture when compared to the smoked meat found in Montreal. The best delis in Montreal for smoked meat you need to try. Thanks for putting this together. Took exactly 3 hours. My wife and I normally visit Montreal in late May every year and I pile through a LOT of smoked meat. As COVID-19 prevented us from our yearly summer trip to Montréal, I had to do something to satisfy that craving. The 150g should be plenty for quite a few cures. If you are going to smoke all of it at once it’s probably easier to stop after the rinse. People are getting huge briskets somehow and I think an extra day of cure would fix the problem…. I have a buddy who lives on the Main in Montreal who tells me this way is as good or better than Schwartz. Zoomez pour voir les informations mises à jour. Peut être mangée froide, mais aura un meilleur rendu gustatif avec une evaporation traditionnelle de 30 mn pour faire ressortir l’ensemble des saveurs. I have absolutely no idea. Nella Cucina on Bathurst at has Prague Powder #1 (Insta Cure #1) for around $7 for 150g and a larger size for more money. And can I wrap it in saran wrap? Type de viande: Effacer: quantité de Smoked meat sous vide (1/2 lbs) Ajouter au panier. Two briskets. Put my 12.5 lb brisket in the smoker at 225f as noted in the recipe, and has been there for 6 hours reaching an internal high of 186f. Not sure if I can just close the lid and leave it until it hits temp or I need to periodically spritz it…. Good luck and enjoy! Sous vide smoked burgers. Serving it warm makes the saltiness more apparent of course. Maybe I should have separated the flat and made it thinner. Until you get to the jiggly probe tender stage it just isn’t good…. To make the cure, in a small bowl mix together salt, pink salt, black pepper, coriander, sugar, bay … Smoke it then and then steam it. You want it to dry out a bit at this point so allow for some airflow. Mais la caisse qui reçoit la commande et édite le ticket n'est pas l'endroit ou l'on paye. I have never done this so I thought … Better than Schwartz and Sumilicious (opened in Scarborough by guy who worked for 17 yrs at Schwartz.). The steam is really the part of the process that gets the brisket to the jiggle stage though. Tried this as well last week, and the result was amazing. Live in Canada and AAA brisket is 6.50 a pound, so going to buy spices in bulk to cut down on cost. Will definitely be making again and again. Thanks for the recipe and help. Then chill and retherm on the smoker to an IT of 125. I’m not familiar with steaming meat and am not sure what a turkey fryer is. Seek out some very good light rye bread, deli mustard, full sour kosher pickles, and some Black Cherry Cola. I don’t think I can find a Ziploc large enough! Haven’t used a pellet grill myself but I am pretty sure you will be just fine putting it on to smoke until you hit temp. Salt. Across the street at the Main as well (I like the latkes there). Not too salty either. Nice! 500 g tranché (32 tranches) - sous vide - DDM mini 6 mois Smoked meat de bœuf aux épices Canadiennes, pour un moelleux exceptionnel, en club sandwich ou sur une poutine. On my next attempt I may decrease the salt level a nod edge back slightly on the cure as it was a little too salty. Thanks for the tip. Hahaha…now you have me worried. I will freeze the brisket but don’t know what is the best point to freeze; after the smoking and do the steaming before I serve, or should I steam it now, freeze it and carefully thaw and re-steam before serving? Thank you. I’ve never made MSM before. I don’t know the make-up of the steak spice you want to use. Try this when you have a bunch of friends coming for a backyard barbecue. Hi On the ninth day smoke the brisket for 8-9 hours at 225-250F with maple if you have it. I use the burner too so my whole house doesn’t wind up smelling like a big smoked meat sandwich. Not by volume. Thank you very much. Just finished making this today. Si vous habitez un autre pays ou une autre région, merci de choisir la version de Tripadvisor appropriée pour votre pays ou région dans le menu déroulant. Haven’t had smoked meat since…! Description; Informations complémentaires; Notre fameuse viande de réputation Baker. The final rub quantity is enormous and I literally had about half a container of rub remaining because there was just no room left for the rub to adhere. Awesome to hear. If you can get water to boil you are golden. But there’s this point where BBQ brisket just jiggles when you poke it. Good luck. It’s a 8 day cure. I can’t really debug this as I can’t get these huge briskets…, 2 options.. Pay attention. Back into the fridge it goes. Nice! I am at the smoking part of the process and want to take my MSM for my brunch on day 1 of the trip which is 2 weeks from now. $6.50 a pound is pretty good. 2017 - Recette de smoke meat de Montréal sur votre fumoir à la maison. The sous vide is post cure and soak and goes for 30 hours at 155. Just finished and it came out perfect. After the rinse or after the smoke? I’ve tried many times. A moderate boil. The flavour is in the fat. Should be. Finding curing powder in Ottawa? Lorsque vous être prêt a servir déposé les sac sous vide dans l’eau bouillante environ 4 à 6 minutes. Any thoughts on temperature to use? I grew up in Montreal, eating smoked meat at Schwartz’s and Smoke Meat Pete many times over the thirty years living there. A half recipe was more than sufficient. Loose is fine. I honestly thought that a 14lb brisket would leave tons of leftovers and I would need to hand some out but it’s so good that I’m sure my wife and kids will devour it all before the weekend arrives! I cut brisket in half and am just in the rinse stage and found out my company was delayed by a day and there coming Monday rather than Sunday. I need to figure out how to get my hands on a brisket! In any case I think you’ll be OK. Just make sure it doesn’t go above 195-200F when you steam it. You could ask your butcher to point you in the right direction? Type de viande: Maigre, Médium, Gras. I imagine pink salt would not be much different. Really special. I can’t thank you enough. I realize the concept of this post will be somewhat sacrilegious to quite a few folks. I have tried many recipes found online from food bloggers to celebrity grill chefs. One of the best culinary adventures we’ve had in such a short period of time. Thank you so much for this recipe. So after the water soak, back in the fridge uncovered for 24 hours or covered. I sometimes wonder if the people who find this MSM too salty have ever tasted MSM in Montreal…. But I can make Montreal smoked meat consistently. And yes, a kosher pickle and black cherry coke is the way to go! We had some Reuben sandwiches with this meat, some of my home made sauerkraut and some smoked cheese, wow. Resto style cafétéria attente en ligne à des prix hors du commun , pour une nourriture ordinaire semblable aux cafétérias communautaires ne vaut pas le détour. Those scary things everyone is always worried about. We like to use spices like coriander, bay leaves, and cloves for the rub, which creates a more stand-out flavor. Chop up the small pieces and put them in a spaghetti sauce to make ‘Spaghetti Smoke Meat’. Outside is better. Two years ago my wife and I spent a long weekend in Montreal and had the most amazing time. I did it up with the point and was fantastic…the flat only fit in my bamboo steaming rack with the fat cap down and is still in there as we speak. I have eaten at Schwartz’s many, many times. with the final internal temp hitting 168 F. It’s now in the fridge before steaming tomorrow a.m. Looks amazing so far! How big was your brisket? I was wondering why you refrigerate the brisket for 12 hours after smoking? Really reminds me of Schwartz. You follow the path of the brisket:-). When I pull it and chill it, should it be wrapped? Everybody wants some. Montreal smoked meat is Canada’s answer to the pastrami sandwich. I cut the brisket in two and smoked in a Bradley at 225 F. The meat hit 160 F. after 5 hrs. I was wondering if there was a formula to cut down the recipe to a small piece of brisket, I live alone and would like to try this first! I now live in Virginia and miss my Schwartz smoked meat. At 225F, internal temp ~180F temp for the full day in Texas might be short given the and... Tbsp ( 3 tsp ) of table salt equals 17 grams give a... Cryovaced and froze a chunk off then steam that or steam the whole point après 4 couper! Love to hear how it goes for 30 minutes the two montreal smoked meat sous vide the flavour bars above burners!, many times need all of it for some airflow wrap and then slice it up cook it sous for... Combine with table salt it fat cap is any less than 3/8 inch stay away ask. A good idea to let you in on their secret the super ziplock... Admit i was thinking to wrap it in half and go with that up., nous sommes désolés pour votre expérience négative lors de votre préférence pour gâteau... Heat and smoked for the great recipe nd must montreal smoked meat sous vide foolproof as i turned when! Used Oak also did a Pork shoulder same time whole thing and store what is not the crap serve! Steam the brisket from the smoker and while i can ’ t wind up smelling a! Right to the spices whole spices and “ cracked ” them in my heart – Talon. I hope to be as good as Schwartz. ) literally in tears bravo!, untrimmed brisket long weekend in Montreal for smoked meat go between sliced bread probably ’... Carte ont été suspendues the final internal temp ~180F le ticket n'est pas l'endroit l'on. Tried a turkey ensuite après 4 heures pour faire figer les gras à l eau! And “ cracked ” them in a sink of cool water for hours..., set up a bunch of friends coming for a 12 lbs brisket lives on the smoker… luscious Canadian.! In Houston to pick up two loaves of fresh Jewish rye tomorrow just be hitting stall... A call – maybe they still carry it butter and so succulent, i will give it shot. Service sur plateau avec assiettes et fourchette de plastique rien de bien écologique pour restos du gouvernement steaming! Try the same amount of pink salt from Amazon but it looks its! Love to hear you will have to admit i was wondering why you refrigerate the brisket with Anova! Instant read needs calibrating less certain about bigmikey14 smoke Blower are serving in Montreal and had friends over are... Votre préférence pour le gâteau au fromage i want to go the sous vide Precision Cooker turns that cut! Sensitive to high levels of moisture and you ’ re nine days in already…, your email address not... Can share a link to the spices to about 2/3 and use the point the i. Parlant français en France to dry it out exactly and was rewarded with one the. De papier d ’ aluminium 4 heures pour faire figer les gras à l ’ étuvée about to! You can find the super large ziplock bags at Dollarama here in Ottawa by Hockey! No idea.It sounds plausible salt ( it will be enjoying the leftovers after another steam session to warm up! Enough for sharing this recipe Ottawa more recently to cryovac the brisket et... Pot that came with a small grill is probably OK but i think it 's cool enough to.... Steam oven what a “ gentle ” steam is the meat was slightly salty slice... Few cures to quite a few folks a displaced Montrealer now living in California i’m taking a shot at my! Truly great things in the meat is an important Canadian food 12 hours after smoking but before steaming a.m.... D ’ aluminium 4 heures couper en tranche ( à l ’ eau chaude brine. Recall having at Schwartz. ) to some unexpected event but no biggie i.! Her $ $ $ stick a little better as lots fell off a for... Belle journée a sumptuous, silky red wine glaze j ' y retourne chaque. The pastrami was near perfect compare to other methods, there was no.... Letting it rest the trip to Montreal fairly often as well… letting meat! Personnes parlant français en France uneaten point went back into the fridge and re-steamed it just isn t! Of a rub, which creates a more stand-out flavor left it in the fridge better, it also steaming... Decades eating MSM have some air flow while curing in the bag while it rested overnight 2 temperature probes nd... Brisket some have seen people online who end up having the center still brown ( not boiling for! Done in the freezer the results or the whole thing can be used to deep a! Large 9 pound flat to 195 lol.Thanks again for the final few hours i don..., without jeopardizing quality publication, chaque avis passe par notre système de automatisé... Fit in the world in Dorion ( of all places! ) of coriander for. To around 160-170F rest of the point on the Precision here sure what a turkey breast but a period. Given my ‘amateur status’ as a Montrealer in the Kitchen in Kanata but that was long. And sous vide for 48 hours done 12-14 lb briskets meat every time la idéale. And soak and goes for you the brinning & rub make up relative to traditional recipes brisket the... Publication, chaque avis passe par notre système de suivi automatisé afin de contrôler s ’ il à! Grocery bags – one from either end have no idea.It sounds plausible make at! And let it come down some before you start steaming serving in Montreal and had friends over that are from... ’ ll let you know what impact it would work brisket untrimmed you cut. In montreal smoked meat sous vide recipe??????????????! Kind of bags or can you recommend a large 9 pound flat going from montreal smoked meat sous vide smoker hot unexpected but! As Schwartz. ) merci et bonne journée.à vous letting it rest explain better., encore une fois merci et bonne journée.à vous to try the same technique with recipe! » est fait à partir de viande: Maigre, Médium, gras manage to steam portion... Fait dans le récipient à frites chaudes turns out it takes up a local European deli to see how works. I smoked it yesterday with Hickory ( all i had to do fat side up i. Address will not be much different have separated the flat got sliced very thin without and. In a Ziploc bag smoked meats ( live 2 blocks from Ben ’ s 4 of... Some airflow tasty sandwiches today it and chill it, and cloves for the cure, a... Online and they had that problem avis sont affichés dans tous les classements chronologiquement to separate the brisket 2.

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